Short stories for children – Balilar üchün kichik hékayeler

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    I would like to start a new dynamic topic : indeed, as you can see in the title, it will be only for little Uyghur kids. Of course, it would be also useful for the future generation.
    It is surely needed for your culture.

    I had an idea about GATHERING ALL UYGHUR SHORT STORIES for kids : I would like to hear all the stories that your mom or grandma for instance told you before, when you were little.

    Thus, I or we together would translate them into English / Turkish / Uyghurche.

    I want to make a little brochure/book in PDF. I have a few stories in mind such as “qarqa bilen tilki ” … But I need more than 2 or 3.

    That is why, we need your contribution ! Please, write down your own little favourite story !



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    Hi Deniz,
    Would you please drop me a line?

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