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    First of all I would like to thank anyone who has participated in the creation of this dictionnary. I am so glad that finally we have an useful website which is dedicated for all of us and our future generations.
    Moreover, I am using it as much as possible and I find it very helpful to improve my Uyghurche.
    I wanted to contact you in order to help you guys and give a help : I would love to be a part of it.
    Actually, I suggest that it would be awesome if we make some topics, and organize units (making UNIT 1, UNIT 2, UNIT 3 … like in typical University scholar books).
    We can start by how to introduce yourself in Uygurche, andin how to reply, how to talk about your age, family, where you live, what you like / dislike … plus how to agree & disagree …
    Look I can give you an example :

    – Expression of Agreement / Pikir, kozkharaxlargha khoxuldighanlikhni bildurmek

    1). Yes, I quite agree with you / He’e, pikiringizge khoxulimen.
    2). Well yes, that is true / Elbette, bu gepingiz toghra.
    3). I think you are right / Meningqe toghra didingiz.

    – Expression of Disagreement / Pikir, kozkharaxlargha khoxulmaslikhni bildurmek

    1). Well, I disagree with you / Yakh, pikiringizge khoxulmaymen.
    2). No, I really don’t think so / Yakh, undakh emesmikin dymen.
    3). Oh no, that can’t be true / Yakh, undakh bolmaydu.

    I have found these expressions useful hope you won’t mind it. I will be right here for any help anytime you want. And I am open to any remarks and opinions !

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    Assalam Deniz,

    Welcome to the community! I really like this idea personally and I hope the site admins take up on it. As you had mentioned, this would really help our younger generation and the generation that is currently prospering. One down side I can see in this is that it may be very time and resource consuming. However, I believe if we can find an effective way to establish this, it can be done. Maybe something like, wikipedia style or an app.

    I know how to make both, so maybe we can brainstorm more ideas to make this a reality for the future.

    Many Thanks,

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    I am glad that finally someone has replied to me and that you found my proposition interesting.
    Köp rehmet ! And yes I am well aware too that it will be a time consuming activity but I am determined to make it too. Don’t worry, I will be writing it. Thank you so much for your help !
    Actually, I was inspired by other Uyghur teachers and linguists who have made Uyghurche lessons in format PDF if you have already seen them on the net I don’t know …
    Have a look at those lessons which are for English speakers, who want to learn Uyghur :

    1) file:///C:/Users/Deniz/Desktop/Documents/FICHIERS%20PDF/Uyghurche/Uighur-Language-Lessons.pdf

    2) file:///C:/Users/Deniz/Desktop/Documents/FICHIERS%20PDF/Uyghurche/Uygur-Turkcesi-O%C4%9Frenme-K%C4%B1lavuzu.pdf (Turkish to Uyghur)

    3) And the last one, my favourite, which even has audio recordings ! :

    Anyway, those lessons were all helpful for me, I hope that it would be useful for you too.
    However, I just want to add that I am not an Uyghur but Turkish,… BUT I will soon start to learn more with (the teacher) Dilnur Reyhan inshallah … She will surely support us too.

    Thanks a lot ! See you.

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    Deniz Türk olduğun açıkça belli oluyor ama neden Türkçe konuşmuyorsun ki?

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    Hangi dilde konusacagimi kimseye soracak degilim elbette …
    + herkes turkce biliyor diye bir sey yok, burasi resmi bir site, ve ingilizce geciyor gordugun gibi.

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    Karabat Kuşu

    Siz bu şahsın yazdıklarına bakmayın. Onun maksadı belli. Kendi uydurmuş olduğu abuk subuk sözcükleri Türkçede varmış gibi sözlüklere eklemeye çalışan birisidir. Telefona arayacak, taksiye binecek, hidrojene sıvıtçıl gibi saçma sapan karşılıklar uydurmuştur. Dünya Kuş Veritabanı (AviBase) sitesinde “Diuca speculifera” anlamında gözüken buzulkuşu sözcüğünü de penguen anlamında yaymaya çalışıyor. Oysa muhtelif sözlüklerde buzulkuşu “Diuca speculifera”, karabat, karabat kuşu “penguen” anlamında verilmektedir.

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    Kuyruk gibi sürekli peşimde olan mı söylüyor bunu. Siz “haydavcı, yötel, estelik…” gibi sözleri yalan dolan kaynak göstermeye çalışıyorsunuz. “dünya kuş veritabanı”ymış 😀 çekemediğinizden her türlü karalama yapmak için hileye dolana başvuruyorsunuz. Yazıklan size.

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    Bakin, öncelikle sunu söylemek isterimki burasi gördügünüz gibi bir Ingilizce-Uygurca online sözlük sitesidir. Burada sadece ve SADECE Ingilizce veya Uygurca geçerlidir. Kendi yorumlarinizi, fikirlerinizi kendinize saklayin veya illa bir tavsiyede/yardimda bulunmak isterseniz, buraya INGILIZCE yazin. Yazin ki, herkes ANLASIN. Bunu özellikle Turk arkadaslara söylüyorum.
    Yazdiklariniza dikkat edin, bu resmi site böyle saçma sapan yorumlar icin kurulmadi. Lutfen dogru durust kullanin ki, herkes icin hayirli ve ögretici olsun. Tesekkurler.

    Ingilizcesi ;

    Well, firstly I’d like to say that as you can see this website is an English-Uyghur dictionary, made up for intermediate learners. Here you can only but ONLY talk English or Uyghur, that is all. Keep your personnal opinions for yourself, and if you really really want to give some help or tips, express your ideas in ENGLISH ! So that, everyone would be able to understand. I am especially trying to warn and point out the Turkish. Anyway, beware about what you write, this website is strictly not created for useless and stupid comments. Please, use it carefully to make it even more useful and well-grounded for all of us. Thank you.

    Deniz YÜCEL ; student from Sorbonne University.

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    Salam Deniz,

    Thank you very much for your active participation in this forum, sorry for my late reply. I was busy with other projects.

    I am very glad that you want to contribute and starting a new section in this site, it is a great idea. You said you have a strong determination, I love it. I’ll start a new page, “Learning Uyghur”, and you’ll be the contributor. How we do it, we’ll discuss it later in detail.
    Please let me know,

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    Aleykum selam,

    I thank you so much for your reply too and that you appreaciated my thoughts. It made me so happy. I would love to take part in it ! Thank you so much, I will work hard and do my best to make it perfect. So I am right here you can contact me anytime and we can talk about it. My email :

    Have a nice week !

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    Hey Dengiz, thanks for your prompt reply. Now your status is a contributor. You can start your project any time. Please start brand new page call “Learn Uyghur, or “Uyghur Express”, or any names you choose with your discretion. After submiting your page, it will be pending for the approval. I made a catogory called “Learn Uyghur”.

    I guess that structure of the new section will be following:

    Learn Uyghur (parent page)
    | —-Unit 1 (child page)
    — Unit 2 (child page)
    —-Unit 3 (child page)
    —-Unit n (child page)

    You could put some description on the parent page about learning Uyghur. Then you can start a new page as a lessen (Unit). If you have any other idea in term of above structure, please let me know.
    Please make sure use ULY (Uyghur Latin Yéziqi) and its orthography for your entries.
    1). Yes, I quite agree with you / Hee, pikiringizge qoshulimen.
    2). Well yes, that is true / Elbette, bu gépingiz toghra.
    3). I think you are right / Meningche toghra didingiz.

    Teshekkür (ug)

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    Thank you so much !!
    I tried several times to create a brand page Learn Uyghur as you said but the fact is that I also could not find it as a parent page so … Nor add Units. It did not work 🙁
    By the way, I added the Uyghur alphabet and its phonetic transcriptions, that I wrote it by myself, in the parent page Dictionaries … I hope that it will work.
    Waiting for your answer,

    Körüshimiz !

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    Hi Deniz,
    You have to create a parent page first and then create child pages. I created a page called “Learn Uyghur”. Now you can build units under that page. I’ve just approved your alphabet submission. Thanks for your hard work.

    In the last post I mentioned about the ULY to you. Here are some links for your reference. They are all archaic web pages according to today’s standard. I am going to incorporate them to the current theme of this site in near future. I printed around 25 copies of “Méning Kichikkine Élipbe Kitabim” and distributed to my friends’ children in the past.

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    Yes yes I have found how to create one finally ! Don’t thank me I did not do anything from now on. Anyway, I have just finished my first lesson and submitted it to you. I hope that it is all correct and that you will like it, just tell me what you really think about it ! I tried to make it as short as possible and clear. By the way, I thank you so much for the links you shared to me : there are so useful and I have saved them all, and shared them in the Uyghur alphabet (I added a comment saying that “to go further…”).
    Oh by the way, I forgot to tell you about the search history : I personnally think that it actually must be private because it is personnal and we don’t need to see them all… Do you think that you can hide it?

    Köp rexmet !

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    Good Job! Deniz.
    Please put your name on the page for your credit and write some introductional pieces about “Learn Uyghur” Section. I am going to make it entry page of the section.

    Few words about UNIT 1:
    Sometime people use “mushumu” to express their contempt, distain, loathing for something.
    Mushumu qelemmu?! (This pen is a piece of crap?!)
    Mushumu qiliqmu! (infering) This behavior is not acceptable!
    “Awu terepte” in speech “A terepte” as well.
    Regarding to the search history. I agree with you. I am going to take it out.

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