Unit 7 : How to Prepare your exams

1. Present continuous : verb+ing+person ending form

We will start from the affirmative declarative form, in order to express your thoughts. You first have to attach the suffix wat to the verb, then add the letter followed by the regular set of person (men, siz…). This suffix is invariable due to the fact that it is derived from a grammatical auxiliary verb. See the examples :

  • For the 1st person : qiliwatimen (singular form), qiliwatimiz (plural form)
  • For the 2nd person : qiliwatisen / qiliwatisiz, qiliwatisiler 
  • For the 3rd person : qiliwatidu

1.2 Interrogative affirmative : verb+wat+am+person ending

Like for the Present Future tense, forming questions with the Present continuous form should be done with the suffix am. This one is invariable too, and it follows wat, and after that comes the person endings.In order to ask an affirmative question, you should be using this set of endings dim, dimen (singular) and duq, dimiz. This seem to be very difficult though, if you keep in mind our examples and practice the language, it would be much more easier. Here a few examples :

  • keliwatamdimen / keliwatamdim, keliwatamdimiz, keliwatamduq ?

2. Negative declarative : verb+ma+y+wat+i or person ending

Consecutively, to form a negative sentence, you have to add the negative suffix ma before or after the present continuous’ suffix wat / iwat. The first variant ma+y+wat is more common than the others ; you should also be careful about the verbs’ syllabes such as the verb oynish, berish and deyish. See the example :

  • oynimaywatimen, demeywatisen, bermeywatisiz

However, in the affirmative tense, you cannot say oynawatimen, but oynaymen is correct; the same goes for the verb deyish, you cannot say dewatimen, but deymen. For example :

  • Uning bilen arilashmaywatimen = I’m not involved with him (for a long time!)

  • Versus -Balilar talada welisipit miniwatidu = The children are riding bikes outside (right now!)


2.2 Negative interrogative form : verb+ma+y+wat+am or person ending p.95